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I spend every single day just a little less shook
while I channel creativity & vibes for a look
what’s it’s took just to reach here today
it’s been a long time since I’ve come from the dirt
where I’d play
what a time
close my eyes & see it in the mind
reflect upon the history of Michael
& you’ll find
the root of no evil
root of no cause
lived a mental life never stuck behind the bars
still I stick behind the words that I say for the bond is only thing of value in this world and beyond
I won’t lament things I’ve lost here
never that
I refuse
to hold this fear dear
to the heart, nah for real
it’s on the psyche
no more room for the doubt
it can bite me
no less is everything on me &
it’s frightening
oh, do I tread on the day very lightly
nah, imma gonna take that thang runnin
shine bright with the light bestowed upon me
& I’m sunnin’
blessed? you best believe it.
victory in everything I do, my truth, is never defeated
victory in everything I do, my truth
never competed with any of y’all
why give my all when I’m bouncing my head off the wall
already good
much taller than what you would call opponents
not the height but the way you walk when you want it
the way you talk when you own it
the way you know that you good
the way you are never bothered
the way it is understood
from the time the sun stands tall to light up the sky
til the moment that we rest and you kiss it goodbye
it’s all love from the core of the heart
towards the core imma spar
looking forward to tomorrow

sick of stupid prizes for stupid games
what’s the point if the end result is all the same?
sick of playing with niggas
I’m sick of playing around with my time
I wanna talk my shit but don’t want the blame
cause I’m a spitter, no one or two hitter quitter
I’m known to leave niggas bitter
you must consider I’ve been at this since
a younger version of nothing that you can get rid of
the doctor is in, professor is here
correcting the scene, directing the fear
oh, you know
it seems I have to learn and teach the children
I’m not your father but I’m definitely in the building
& you will respect the man of the house
I’m not hearing ya mouth
unless you step correct
takes nothing but respect so keep it real
that’s all I ask of anybody
& you’re just a body that’s in my face, my page, my shows, my space
you’re not even the top eight of your mothers top greatest achievements of all time
you’ve fucked with the wrong one
I’ve no patience and less time
I’ve no radar, just bust rhymes
it’s what I’m built to do
give it to you like the first rays of the sun
never get to comfortable
every day ends & the night can be loud
& my skin is real thick
& I promise you will break before I even break a sweat
lest we all forget, where we really stand
the last time I went to check we’re all on common land
so really what’s the deal
you mad at me because my progress makes you feel a way about how I’ve been minding my business and getting to it
as if I’m fucking magic
as if you can’t do it too?
as if I’m standing in your path to be the greatest
its a mirror, that’s just you
nigga, worry bout yourself
that’s essential to your health, wealth, & welfare
this is spiritual warfare
all of you niggas should do better it’s not complicated at all
this is spiritual warfare
I’d rather be around a bunch of winners
we just get it how we live
this is spiritual warfare
I’ll take a seat at the council over the head of the table
I can’t do this for me & pave no path for the able
from night to day & back again
I promise nothing but my truth
coming from nowhere but my pen
nowhere but my sin
my experience


from how (eye) feel, released July 19, 2019
Produced by Max Vista


all rights reserved



Vᵀᴴ (∞) Texas


i n f i n i t y l i m i t.


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