anaheim, 1991

from by Vᵀᴴ (∞)

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What a wonderful of a life I’ve lived through, wait
What a hell of a day I’ve lived
I can bring all of your men to attention
With no attention to give
All of the time that it took me to lift the
Weight from the pressure within
Took out more time just to get to the old me
I don’t know quite how to live
When I’m stuck inside the puzzle
& all that I have is my word
I been lying everyday
& you people been workin my nerves
I understand I could get it the top
Do you not know I been thinking & crying & stressing
My life is real good but a lot
So many questions, I’m put on the spot
Sometimes I feel that nobody cares
Not to be THAT one, I’m just speaking my peace
An emotion that’s often shared
Add to a choice never really dared
I need some help, are you really there?
Pinching my skin, am I really here?
I was real worried a time
Depression was all of my life
I didn’t care like
Why I would lie? What am I on?
Who is this girl? What is this song?
Why the fuck can’t I get out of this bed?
Why is it all of this noise in my head?
Why can’t I tell her I’m done here, I’m scared
I’ve been too ready to dump all this dread
I couldn’t wait for the moment to pass
I’m doing good homie, glad that you asked.
I was born ready to walk to the throne, not on my own
Took me a second to roam, skipped over stones
Realized that nothing was wrong
I determined that the future could chill
I took it home & I made me a deal
Turned all my aimless to all of my will
I said to all of my demons, let’s get it
Its this or die so you better get get with it
Where does intention meet all of the style?
How can I make this last more than a mile?
Probably can’t do all this shit on my own
Know if I need you I’ll pick up the phone
I’m really grateful to be here today
Not really something I thought I should say
Took the time out to love what is real
Wake up tomorrow, like how do eye feel?


from how (eye) feel, released July 19, 2019
Produced by Tyler Wrighteous


all rights reserved



Vᵀᴴ (∞) Texas


i n f i n i t y l i m i t.


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