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Executively produced by brandon*, this is the result of all of my 2015 efforts.

This EP is here for you.

Easy on your mind; heavy on your heart.


released January 12, 2016

Music by brandon*:

All lyrics and vocals by fifth.

Artwork by Juli Jah:


all rights reserved



Vᵀᴴ (∞) Texas


i n f i n i t y l i m i t.


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Track Name: A Tribe Called
Can you get it?/can you last?/can you stand tall?/can you rise?/can you fly?/like a tribe called?/or is it just the mysterious ways/wash over you like waves/end up in your face like

someone stand up/bring the light to me
someone stand up/bring the soul

it’s magic, like a rabbit out of a hat/a savage, rabid beast who’s half as bad/on average Fif is close to the damage/yet the thoughts of lavish make him just half as sad/I bought a lab/named him meth/broke the bad/showed my dad the results and scared him half to death/when half is left I treble cleft/counter the bass without haste and face like a tribe on a quest/when cries are left I seem to trial on/keep the file strong/til I build the machine like Cybertron/so when I speak you know my lies belong/when I preach you know my sermon’s wrong/when I teach you know the lesson’s long/when I reach you know to come along/a song/like it’s fifth from the third/I am to masses what the feather’s to bird/yoga flame to corrupt and absurd/start the game a street fighter/an alpha too so fuck what you heard/or fuck the writer too I’m stuck on a verb/just a character unprepared to/fight the battles/walk into the pasture just to gather all the cattle/not a leader but thinker of the greater/you can challenge me and you will see that I’m the greatest mass debater/narrator of my people/and these evils/and the struggle/
I'm feeling oh so spiritual/oh so lyrical/I punish the throne so my words reach imperial/reach for ethereal/in serial/with raw material/I ponder these thoughts while I'm eating some cereal/so when the day break/I'm practicing zen/with no ill in my heart/I didn't have to pretend/then again since I met the object of my affection i objectively affected connected poison within/i fantasize/philosophize/until I lie/down with my troubles about results I've prophesied/im not a king/not a ruler/im just from the third making sense/im the victim and the shooter/I'm the owner and the looter/im repugnant/the quiet mind to dig into your senses/make you question the republic/I'm your conscious/I'm your reason/I'm the cricket/trust/just bounce for a second while you kick it/

Just bounce for a second while you get it/just bounce for a second while you know/just bounce for your life and the freedom while you feel it/just bounce for the spirit and the soul
Track Name: Natural Born Sinner
She was the daughter of unfortunate famine/It was common for everyone to undersell her future in flight/Every night she would reach for higher heaven/Wanted momma to join her but her father wouldn't let em. /He was tested and stressed; what else could he be? /"Daddy doesn't love me I am the mess to his piece"/Baby girl, the things that you say, couldn't save the world a peace of mind/A columbine reaction in home/never mind the gun control/Hating the girl for reasons/momma had an unfaithful streak in beginning of seasons/Four years ago with painted pictures of lost things/With rings I do thee doom/to someone's last name/Figure the blame would stay inside the house/Well baby's now 23 and she cannot keep him out/Momma passed away about seven months ago/Daddy can't get over it/even though he shows/To have certain convictions for the child that he calls blood/It's boils him inside/their connection is clear as mud/It kills him to this day/an reality does too/No surprise in taking life/canvas is sky blue/Turning the light off with a flick of the switch/Unfortunate circumstances/her mother the witch/She's fed up with his bullshit/drops him into his ditch/She says I know I'm not your daughter/still love me son of a bitch/

Why should I fear that, which I can't see
No formed weapon shall prosper against me
Tell me lies, I need em to feel it whole
Since you won't say it, I see I'm out of control
My mind is so gone, the faint killer
I'm jaded and preoccupied, natural born sinner
Truth is overrated & feelings are too compelling
For the children of another motherfucker, no telling
Track Name: Ninety-Nine Daze
Can you imagine the greatest palace filled with no despair?/keeping the demons outside on battlefield that we can't compare/boy you wish you were perfect and well connected/instead you're merely average, so settle for well respected/even corrected/as a student within the game/a general amongst all soldiers looking the same/I suppose it's the feeling within the brain/check/this is revenge of the nerd/I'm feelin plain/or feeling pain?/it's impossible/sought the life in the truth, just to conquer the improbable/so unstoppable/rhythm's knock-able/I find my sense of reason is all illogical/meditate for growth to find that I’m stuck/and yall help the mob scream aloud that I suck/but why would anybody wanna harm me?/it's lucky/I'm armed with this monkey/I'm rowdy as fuck

I toast the heavens and look right away/and then I say goodbye to all the things that I've done/figuring at this age I've gone insane/but the problem's the same/I'm on my back fighting under the sun/the supernova's grown/as if my covers blown/I'm weak/Ive come to see that dealing with the everyday is heavy/to carry all your troubles/with you to the tabernacle/pray to God that your conscious is safe/I broke the levy/a closed book, you read it alone/you can’t deal with reality, still in the zone/gone/away from here; strikes from the drone/I need a place to lay my head/I’m a stranger at home/I'm the white side of black/dark side of the moon/a real creative soul grown up to soon/I take a lot for the gain/the pressure/from where her and I came/remains

Ive swallowed enough poison to kill seven men, seven times/battery is several lines of sentences for different crimes/life beating continuously with seven signs/believe I'm fucked in my mental, but I don't even mind/I keep my heart to myself and my soul in my rhyme/the blade is kept in the cane that you can never find/bleeding from my eyes/when you see the battle scars that I've collected/I've battled only with seven lines/paying for several fines/almost nightly/people stay in the shadows tryin to fight me/that boy crazy/he eclectic/when in reality you just mad that it's your brain that I had sex with/go and collect wit and spit/to dumb down your message in this world is synonymous with a chest hit/never contested/always corrected/check the word that's what you build your respect with

Tell somebody to close the door
Don’t have to pour anymore
I’ve been good since bout an hour ago
I’ve had this black out for 99 days
Life isn’t straight, me & sanity went our separate ways
Track Name: WWYD? [Interlude]
If your personal code of ethics was flawed, what would you do? Life, love, and liberty, but you only had two. A mixture of philosophies soothes the sinner in you but it's fodder for the all the fire; the flames become blue. Aren't you seeking things wrong just to make truth, true? A suicidal tendency never becomes new. A ruler sits in shambles, a king with his own rule & a prisoner to freedom, the sovereign becomes you. You can't even see what's happening with the times. I'll stay reciting lines like everything is fine. Space of the outer kind I'm tryna get mine. Space of the outer kind, I'm tryna shine. Won't a riot fill the quiet with poison and hate minds? A Caesar for the masses with mobs to cut ties? Space of the outer kind, I'm trying to get blind. Space of the outer kind, I really want to reflect on life, have it balanced in love, liberties liberation coming down from above. I've said that I'm in the business of fighting war. Come to discover my whole families down with the corps. To the core, flex the evidence in my justice. I could save your whole existence and still you wouldn't trust this. Didn't you see truth in all of your wrongs? Blue flames turn white, bath a sinner in song. The fodder now is consciousness, the consciousness is long, strong. If your personal code of ethics was flawed, what would you do?

Give up?
Track Name: The Testimony
Torture, related torture/I carried sorrow for days/what was the source of/my life's pain/it's centered within a skin tone/when life plays with knives you betta get grown/and my eyes have seen many punishment/given food for thought and couldn't stomach it/now I'm wise and grown/the wit lasted/another year you lit my party with matches/and the fire didn't care what it caught/tarnish the floor with a smile of mischievous thoughts/I don't miss it at all/made it missing it's parts/should have figured it odd/thinking this is my fault/in that cage of ecstasy I was closer to God/I was closer to God/tellin me what you thought/pad the walls with my mystery/maybe it made sense to me/stare into the heavens with my brethren while she visits me/

(Oh god!!!)
will you still love me after this?
(Oh god!!!)
will she still love me after this?
(Oh god!!!)
will he still love me after this?
Yall don't love me.

bodies on top of bodies/embrace the motherland/and grab another's hand/hold your children close and try to help them understand/the stage is set you should cross the land/across the burning sands/damn/dreams of social stability/sympathetic lack of real action is killing me/or maybe the will in me/I see the troubles of the world in real time/& lies/so when I say there's trouble/it's execution of real lives/tell me, maybe, what you mean to me/tell me anything and everything or maybe what you seem to be/tell me the truth so I can be the enemy/destroy my population/everything I hold dear to me/tell me now that you can hold me back/tell me now it was provoked attack/tell me how all of my people shape the world/set the tone/but now we're back in black/bullshit/now tell me how all my people lack

(they spread their lies in righteous laughter/we are the bodies that their after/can't keep the quiet cause we see you/it doesn't matter we will beat you)
Track Name: The Believer
Can you make me feel your love? I'll wait for you inside my dreams tonight.
& I ain't never felt this much. Will you tell of my story when I die?

tell me/when it all goes down/will you walk away?/I'm afraid of what I'll do/filter through my main/dope when it comes out this way/are you gone ease my brain?/I remember when I bothered/drinking deep the bottle/holla if you feel this way/I'm so gone/opportunities don't come much/seeing sound/i can tell just what you've done/so lose your mind/question the questions/don't be content/don't you count all your blessings/like me/like me/find another way to doubt yourself/but don't you doubt me/doubt me/cause I'm/I need you to tell me I'm

A believer

Can you make me feel your love? I'll wait for you inside my dreams tonight.
& I ain't never felt this much. Will you tell of my story when I die?

the difference now is that I'm gone/hold me closer/love me now/shit/I'll fall on my sword/swallow the pride/who's this nigga?/don't lose your mind/answer the questions/don't be content/don't you lose on the lesson/like me/like me/find another one to warm your soul/but don't deceive me/leave me/cause I'm/I need you to tell me that I'm

Can you make me feel your love? I'll wait for you inside my dreams tonight.
& I ain't never felt this much. Will you tell of my story when I die?
(You won't comprehend the heights until you come with me to see the lows.
Lets bump that soulful vibe as you walk next to me and feel out of control.)
Track Name: Call for Survival
We come from tired nights and broken homes
New heights, delivered stones
Just think about the
Ruthless killing, God willing
Please take us home

It's a busy day, so much that it's clouding my vision
Shes irate and I'm just tired, I wish she would listen
The jacket that I bought her reminding me of her daughter
The father isn't happy with my position
I like that
I dig the way that I'm the bad guy
This creature is a tragedy like a thorn in my side
This level of creation screams hell
It watches me with persecution as I drown in its well
She can't wait for the day she lets them go
So she can be with her new man
So she let's them know
She saids baby girl, I know I'm what you need
But I can't hang around while he puts his hands on me
The bastard is a spawn of something nasty, it's past me
The things you see aren't classy enough
If I can get something better coming down from these heights
It's alright, I'll come back after tonight

The way I make my ends is full of broken dreams
I never let my father talk to me, couldn't hear over my mother's screams
It's true that life is all of what you make it
I'm making love; why don't I feel what I've created?
Is this pressure to keep it up?
I'm feeling stuck enough
between a rock and bad habit
What if I let him grab it; do with me what he will
I can go fix a habitat breeding more of me still
This Vicodin seems to keep me covered up
I hope that that's enough
Living this way is synonymous to an uppercut
Straight to the upper gut
I'm living fast so what?
I solve my problems what the fuck.
My mommy left my daddy, so I'll do what I please
The new guy only used her so I'm destined to be
Just a repeat & in fact, actually
Yeah, I'm just a daughter that never has known a father
In reality I'm feeling kind of hopeless
So abstracted with the dopest, the most-est
If I can find something better I'll come down from these heights
It's alright, I'll come back after tonight

They say society is all I need
They say society is all I know

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